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Will Formatting Permanently Delete My Hard Drive?

permanently delete hard drive

Selling, recycling or giving away your computer? Are you wondering if formatting alone will permanently delete your hard drive? The short answer is no, formatting alone will not permanently delete your hard drive. In fact, all that formatting does is delete the links to the data in your hard drive.

Data in a formatted hard drive can easily be recovered using data recovery software, readily available for download on the Internet, some even free of charge.

Armed with personal data on your computer — such as banking information, credit card numbers, etc. — a crook could steal your identity and you could become yet another victim of identity theft, one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada and the USA. To permanently delete data on your hard drive you need to use disk deleting software.

Disk deleting software, also known as shredders, file wipers, and wipe programs overwrites your hard drive with random information.

A good way to understand how disk deleting software works, is by thinking of your hard drive as a video tape; remember the VHS tapes from not so long ago? This tape is full of TV shows that you have recorded on it.  The only way to get rid of them is by taping over the old shows.

Using disk deleting software is like finding a channel totally covered in static and then recording over the entire tape. You do remember what VCR’s are, right?

I have personally used and highly recommend that you consider using WipeDrive to permanently delete your hard drive.

The US Department of Defense has actually been using this disk deleting software for many years and list it as an approved disk sanitation tool. WipeDrive is also trusted and used by manyFortune 500 companies.

I was amazed at how simple it was to use WipeDrive. I always thought for some reason that using disk deleting software would be a complicated task. Using WipeDrive was surprisingly simple.

All I had to do was insert the CD, reboot my computer, follow the simple prompts, and reinstall my operating system. Please CLICK HERE for more info and to purchase WipeDrive 9 from

As you can see, formatting your hard drive does not permanently erase your hard drive. Protect your personal information and data.

Don’t be yet another victim of identity theft. Use disk deleting software, such as WipeDrive, to securely delete your hard drive.

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